Kid's Mouthpieces

Shock Doctor Single Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece Case

Shock Doctor Pro Single mouthguard is scientifically designed for comfort and includes jaw pads.

Built in breathing channel.
High impact protection.
Concussion and jaw joint protection.
$7,500 dental warranty from manufacturer.

Mouth case included -- colors may vary.

Regular Price:  $19.99 
Sale Price:  $14.99

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece Case

The Shock Doctor Gel Max mouthguard has a heavy duty exoskeletal shock frame and a gel fit liner provides maximum protection, fit and comfort in an easy to fit triple layer design. The mouth guard features a breathing channel which allows easy breathing while clenched.  Includes the mouthpiece case.

Regular Price:  $24.99 
Sale Price:  $19.99

Brain Pad Pro (Black & Gray)

Mouthpiece Case

Covers upper and lower teeth with a low profile comfort design.  Promotes breathing while clenching and fits over braces. Mouthguard case included.

Sold as a set (adult size)

Regular Price:  $29.99 

Sale Price:  $24.99

Shock Dr. Case

Convenient case has a handy carabineer clip for attaching to an athletic bag.

Antibacterial and heavy duty ventilated case provides secure and clean storage. 

One Size

Regular Price:  $12.99 

Sale Price:  $9.99