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"Potent" - MMA Documentary

MMA is the fastest growing sport in America, and to ride that wave you have to become a complete athlete, physically as well as mentally. The pioneers of the sport join you in this documentary in the search for what it takes to become a champion.  Through unique interviews and amazing training footage, POTENT will bring you inside the minds of the best and most complete fighters in the world, giving you an inside view of MMA shown in a way you never saw before.
Starring:  Bas Rutten, Shawn Tompkins, Murilo Bustamante, Dan Henderson, Mario Sperry, Dean Lister, Frank Shamrock, Duane Ludwig, Paulo Filho, Chris Horodecki, Mark Hominick,
A Rogerio Nogueira, Josh Barnett, Darryl Gholar, Ryo Chonan, Vinicius Magalhaes, Jay Hieron,
Vitor Belfort, R. Thierry Sokoudjou and more.

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UFC Ultimate Knockouts 1 & 2
2 DVD Set!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, UFCs Ultimate Knockouts 1&2 are available on one Double Feature Disc! Featuring OVER 40 of the best knockouts in Ultimate Fighting Championship's History from 1993 to 2002!

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Ultimate Bare Knuckle Fighting
2 DVD Set!

This is all Chuck Liddell!!! Witness Chuck’s journey to the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, step by step. Throughout his career, Chuck Liddell has been the consummate professional, delivering devastating punches upon his opponents and delighting fans everywhere. In this special collectors edition, you will get 2 limited edition trading cards!  The Ultimate Iceman: Chuck Liddell is As Real As It Gets!

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

101 Submissions - Chapter 1

Newly Remastered Version!

Brand New Soundtrack, Bonus footage and Surprises!

101 Submissions is real competition footage remixed into ninety minutes of today's top fighters submitting their opponents one after another. Over four months of painstakingly combing through hundreds of hours of footage was needed to develop 101 Submissions. This DVD is the first of its kind and OntheMat is very proud to offer it. Not only is 101 Submissions entertainment, it is also a valuble-learning tool. 101 Submissions has no stalling and includes only the best of the best when it comes to fight footage. The DVD menu of 101 scenes makes each submission easy to get to and repeat. 101 Submissions has no Gi and Gi footage from the best events from around the world. 101 Submissions also features a carefully thought out soundtrack to add to the armlocks, chokes, twisters, footlocks, wristlocks, kneebars and others submissions.

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101 Submissions - Chapter 2

The sequel to the best selling 101 Submissions is now available. 101 submissions Chapter 2 features the top grapplers showing you their best setups and submissions.

A new feature that has been included in this sequel includes submissions broken down into categories which include: arm attacks, chokes, leg attacks, triangles, and other attacks. This DVD is a great learning tool for anyone beginning their submission training or advanced grapplers looking to add new tools to their game. 101 Submissions Chapter 2 includes over 1 year of competition footage from around the world compressed into 138 mintues on intense action from the greatest events in the world.

Reg. Price $34.99
Sale Price $29.99

A Warrior's Journey
Bruce Lee DVD

"The Bruce Lee you couldn't see - until now. His famed one-inch punch could knock a burly man off his feet. He could reel off push-ups while balancing on one finger. You'll witness these feats and more in Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey. And you'll see for the first time anywhere something more astonishing: over 30 continuous minutes of fight action from the ambitious, soul-baring movie Lee was making at the time of his July 20, 1973 death. John Little, drawing on invaluable film footage missing for 28 years, constructs this superb look at the man and his uncompleted movie. Part documentary (with previously unseen home reels of Lee and more), part movie experience (with the long-missing footage assembled according to script notes found among Lee's personal effects) and wholly entertaining, Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey is a must-see journey for any Lee fan."

Reg. Price $29.99
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Ultimate Bare Knuckle Fighting
2 DVD Set!

3 HOUR title 2 sided DVD

Tons of bonus footage and rare fights featuring Chuck Liddell vs. Pele Landi and Vanderlei Silva vs. Mike Van Arsdale.


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Shamrock vs Ortiz

Find out EVERYTHING with unbelievable footage inside of both lockerrooms that UFC can NOT show you!

One of the most in-depth documentaries in MMA and Ultimate Fighting history.

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Revolution #1
All Womens MMA DVD

The best in women's MMA collide on this fully interactive DVD that chronicles the fights from beginning to end and includes dozens of BONUS pieces! ALL REGION ENCODED! So it plays in EVERY DVD player in the world!

125lbs Ruth Mejia battles Erica Montoya (only 17 years old)
155lbs Jennifer Irons vs. Jessica Ross
170lbs Olga Bakalopoulos takes on Shannon Hooper (girlfriend of UFC Champ Josh Barnett).
135lbs Angela Wilson vs. Tanya Vlahac for Canadian bragging rights! THESE TWO ROCKED!
150lbs Mayra Conde vs. Angela Restad in the fight of the night! Talk about a war!
135lbs Shelby Walker and Tara LaRosa make an attempt to settle a dispute.
135lbs Debi Purcell and Christine Van Fleet square off in the main event!

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Revolution #2
All Womens MMA DVD

This is one of the best DVD's HnS has ever done. It features nearly two hours of content with matches NEVER before seen anywhere, including:
1. Judy Neff vs. Jessica Ross

2. Julie Kedzie vs. Terry Blair

3. Christine Van Fleet vs. Tanya Vlahac

4 Shelby Walker vs. Judy Neff

5. Kelly Kobold vs. Ginele Marquez

6. Del Greer vs. Fancesca Menda

7. Terri Lukomski vs. Jennifer Howe

8. Tara LaRosa vs. Angela Wilson

9. WORLD TITLE FIGHT - Tara LaRosa vs. Jennifer Howe.

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Revolution #3
All Womens MMA DVD

TONS of great fights and bonus features with the following bouts:

Debi Purcell vs. Amber Mosely

Jan Finney vs. Ginele Marquez

Molly Helsel vs. Shawny Alvarado

Kellyn Heuhn vs. Victoria Remington

Lisa Ward vs. Mandy Stewart

Chris Van Fleet vs. Amanda Buckner

Shelby Walker vs. Beth Westover

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Best of ADCC #1

Witness seven of the greatest matches in the history of the ADCC World Championships.This DVD is considered a "classic" by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission wrestling fans and was hard to come by until now!This re-release features bonus never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from ADCC 2003!  MATCHES: Frank Trigg -vs- Renzo Gracie (1998) Hayato "Mach" Sakurai -vs- Ricco Rodriguez (1999) Royler Gracie -vs- Joao Roque (1999) Kareem Barklev -vs- Ricardo Arona (2000) Ricardo Morais -vs- Mark Robinson (2000) Jean Jacques Machado -vs- Caol Uno (1999) Tito Ortiz -vs- Rumina Sato (2000) BONUS FEATURES: *Eddie Bravo in never before seen personal footage after defeating Royler Gracie. *Plus: Weigh-Ins Post Fight Interviews Training Techniques and more.... Running Time 100 Mins.

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Best of ADCC #2

THE MATCHES: Matt Serra -vs- Dan Gilbert, Mark Kerr -vs- Josh Barnett, 'Minotauro' Noguiera -vs- David Dodd, Carlos Newton -vs- Rodrigo Gracie, Caol Uno -vs- John Lewis, Ricco Rodriguez -vs- Murilo Bustamante, Royler Gracie -vs- Juan Valles, Tito Ortiz -vs- Ricardo Arona, Arystos Aleksandridi -vs- Carlos Machado, Alexander Savko -vs-"Nino" Schembri, Jean-Jacques Machado -vs- Tsuyoshi Kosaka

Reg. Price $39.99
Sale Price $19.99

Best of ADCC #3

THE FIGHTS: Fabiano Iha -vs- Joe Hurley, Mark Kerr -vs- Josh Barnett, Roberto 'Roleta' Magalhaes -vs- Rodrigo 'Cumprido' Medeiros, Rumina Sato -vs- Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro, Vitor Belfort -vs- Genki Sudo, Baret Yoshida -vs- Wellington 'Megaton' Diaz, Matt Hughes -vs- Tito Ortiz, Jean-Jacques Machado -vs- Ricardo Arona, Ricco Rodriguez -vs- Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Noguiera, Eddie Ruiz -vs- Hayato 'Mach" Sakurai, Mario Sperry -vs- Larry Parker

Reg. Price $39.99
Sale Price $19.99

"Remix" Fights
All Womens MMA DVD

Another incredible, action-packed womens mixed martial arts fights.  Check out some of these great matches:

15 Wicked Womens
Full Contact Fights

Becky Levi vs Miwako Ishihara
Junko Yagi vs Floor Holman
Erin Toughill vs Irina Rodina
Svetlana Goundarenko vs Kyoko Inoue
Marloes Coenen vs Mika Harigae
Megumi Yabushita vs Bambi Bertoncello
Tatiana Kovochinova vs Atsuko Sakuraba

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

IVC #2
BareKnuckle MMA

This has a lot of great fights from the International Vale Tudo Championships.  The fights on this DVD include:

1)  Marcelo Goncalves vs Christian Quezada

2)  Mark Hall vs Luiz Fraga

3)  Artur Muriano vs Pat Assalone

4)  Vanderlei Silva vs Sean Bormet

5)  Egidio DaCosta vs Brian Gassaway

6)  Johil De Oliveira vs Joao Bosco

Plus the semi-finals and MAIN EVENT!

Reg. Price $19.99
Sale Price $14.99

Vanderlei Silva's Greatest Hits

Never before has a fighter struck fear in his opponents like Curitiba, Brazil's Wanderlei Silva.

Follow the "Axe Murderer" through his early career in Brazil as he stomps, kicks, headbutts and bareknuckle punches his opponents into a bloddy mess on this MUST-HAVE DVD!

Order now to own these RARE Wanderlei Silva fights! Now on DVD for the first time!

Wanderlei Silva Greatest Hits Opponents: Eugene Jackson Adrian Serrano Mike Van Arsdale Artur Mariano Egidio da Costa Sean Bormet Marcelao Marcelao Dilson Filho

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Bare Knuckle Beatdown
Old-School MMA

In the mid-1990's, HOOKnSHOOT became the second fight company to run Mixed Martial Arts/Ultimate Fighting inside the United States.  Before making the jump to arenas, HnS tried out their product in a dojo full of 100 people.

1.  Dave Barney (Student) vs. Lance Trammell (Lion's Den/Golden Gloves Boxer)

2.  Tim Wills (Pitfighter) vs. Dave Menne (College Wrestler)

3.  Bret Al-Azawai vs. Geza Kalman Jr.

3.  Phil "Frodo" Stroffolino at 160lbs takes on Chad Bartlett at 300lbs

4.  Sam Wells (Marketing Rep) vs. Tony Canals (Street Fighter)

6.  John Renken (Skinhead turned minister) vs. Mark Nelson (Real Estate Agent)

7.  Frank Amalfitano (Detroit Police officer at 320lbs) vs. Bill Cioci (Martial Artist)



Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $14.99

Hook N Shoots Greatest Hits Vol. #1

Henry Matamoros vs. Nick Starks. The wild match from 1998.

Scott Henze vs. George Allen in a great battle of 205lbs fighters from 2000.

The "little guys" tear down the house as Jeremy Bolt takes on Travis Phippen from 2000.

Phil Johns vs. Caz Daniels in a brutal war from the HnS dojo fights of 1997.

Paul Rodriguez vs. Dennis Hallman. One guy falls victim to one of the hardest-hitting KO's ever! 

Steve Berger vs. Aaron Riley in a match that will leave you applauding your TV set!

BONUS FIGHTS INCLUDE: Hermes Franca vs. Mike Brown (Franca's MMA debut)

Yves Edwards vs. Scott Bills from the first HnS Shooto event!

Carlos Baretto vs. Ian Freeman. The war that established Freeman as the HnS Heavyweight Champ!

Reg. Price $19.99
Sale Price $14.99

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